Business – Corporate Law

Mitchell Barrenechea, P.A. represents individuals, local and international businesses in a wide range of legal practice areas. Starting and running a business is a difficult task and may require you to enter into unfamiliar territory. We understand you take a lot of pride in your company, and all the efforts and sacrifices that go into it. Mitchell Barrenechea, P.A. can protect you, and your business, and can ensure your business goals are protected.

Mitchell Barrenechea, P.A. can provide efficient solutions to a wide variety of business needs and business issues, including the following:

  • • Starting a business, chose of business entity
  • • Purchase and Sale of a Business
  • • Noncompete Agreements
  • • Business Transactions
  • • Contract Law: Contract drafting, contract review, breach of contract litigation, sale of business contract
  • •Buy-out agreementsBusiness Litigation
  • • Disputes between partners
  • • Collections of Secured/Unsecured Transactions
  • • Corporate Transactions

Mitchell Barrenechea, P.A. is qualified to handle any of the many issues that you face as a business owner. Whether you are creating a new business, buying or selling a business, contract review or defending a lawsuit Mitchell Barrenechea, P.A. would like to be your business attorney to call when a question arises. Call us at 954-281-7220, or email us at to schedule a free initial consultation.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract happens when one party to the contract does not perform his/her side according to the agreement. If you are in a contract with someone who has breached the contract, you are entitled to damages as a result of the other party’s breach. Some possible legal remedies available to non-breaching parties include:

  • • Compensatory damages
  • • Liquidated damages
  • • Specific performance
  • • Rescission
  • • Reformation

It doesn’t matter if you are a customer or a business owner, every case is important to us. If you have experienced a breach of contract, Mitchell Barrenechea can advise you on your rights and solutions available to you. Call us at 954-281-7220, or email us at


Contract Drafting

Contracts are documents binding two parties to an agreement and can cover a wide range of matters. We provide full service to our clients in all stages of contracts from drafting, reviewing, negotiation, up to the final stage of executing agreements. Our priority is to protect our clients through exceptional legal knowledge and a representation that is cost-effective. Do not let a bad contract get in the way of your business or personal success. Contact our office today! Call us at 954-281-7220, or email us at