Civil Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
Pre-Suit Mediation – Arbitration

More often than you think when the parties attempt to negotiate a settlement without the help of an attorney they will encounter all sort of problems, paving the way to the courthouse. Furthermore, most of the time the parties are too personally involved in the dispute, making it very difficult to reach amicable resolution. For this reason, it is important to have an attorney to help you negotiate a pre-suit settlement, and avoid the time-consuming litigation route.

Mitchell Barrenechea, P.A. can help you find an alternative resolution and avoid litigation by fully investigating your case, applicable law and engaging in pre-suit negotiations, pre-suit mediation or arbitration. Call us if you are dealing with a dispute that could potentially require litigation, we can intervene on your behalf and help you reach early resolution of the dispute by aggressively advocating for your interests.


Civil Litigation

Civil litigation refers to a legal dispute, through courtroom proceeding, of two or more parties seeking money damages or specific performance, or other non-criminal matter is at stake.

Sometimes the opposing party will not cooperate when you are attempting to reach amicable resolution of the dispute, making litigation inevitable. If that is the case, we will also be ready to litigate on your behalf or defend your interests in court. Call us if you need an attorney to prosecute and aggressively litigate a claim on your behalf, or defend your interests in court.

Civil litigation covers any non-criminal matter. Mitchell Barrenechea, P.A. can represent you in litigation involving any of the following areas:

  • • Business/commercial litigation
  • • Corporate law
  • • Partners’ disputes
  • • Breach of contract
  • • Real estate and foreclosure actions
  • • Landlord-Tenant
  • • Secured and unsecured transactions; collections; creditor’s rights
  • • Bank Negligent Payment of Unauthorized Transactions
  • • Fraud
  • • Civil Theft
  • • Civil remedies for criminal practices
  • • Negligence; Intentional Torts
  • • Enforcement of final judgments

We can guide you through your pre-litigation options and/or litigation process, and help you limit your exposure or maximize your chances of success!

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